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January 18, 2015

I have added the 32-bit builds to the download section. The portable versions have been added as well. There are no new features. G'MIC has been updated to except for the 32-bit builds. G'MIC 32-bit no longer builds on my system and is restricted to The 2.9 experimental builds for Mac and Windows have been updated as well. They are current as of January 18.


Important: Uninstall previous builds from the target installation location. Installation has been streamlined as much as possible.


This is a proper installer. Download and double-click on the installer and follow the instructions to install. The portable versions are self-extracting 7z archives. Double-click and extract to a location where you have write privilege.

File Association

Make sure your registry is cleansed of all references to Gimp and then use Windows to associate this version of Gimp with your desired image formats.

Mac OS X

Installation on the Mac is straightforward. Unzip and drag the app to your personal or system Applications folder. The OS will do the rest. :) If you are one of the OSX beta testers, let me know if you have any issues.


All the usual plugins you have come to expect from builds at this site have been included. In particular, the latest stable G'MIC is included as mentioned, and also the latest version of UFRaw. Explore this build to find a whole wealth of plugins geared towards photography.


All feedback and comments are welcome. We appreciate your support and hope you keep using Gimp. If you encounter any issues, please let us know. One important point: If you expect a response, leave a valid email address.

So, if you are inclined to leave us feedback or a comment, then please send an email to partha at partha dot com. Please be precise about the software and what kind of help you require.